ARTIST  Pierre Bonnard
YEAR  1896
SIZE  15" x 24 1/2"
PRICE RANGE  over $50,000
DISCOUNT  15% off
Now, this one is a monster - both in status and price. This painting | maquette was done by Pierre Bonnard for one of the most important graphics of the Turn Of The Century period. We also have the poster (number 5262) and you can see the many changes Bonnard made as he did the stones. In this maquette there is only the leash and no dog amongst other things. He also became much more daring in the way that he treated the woman`s dress and this is important. With few exceptions, until that time, objects were complete and nothing was left to your imagination. In this image Bonnard only shows the line of the ladies shoulder and the top of her dress, then then you can see the dress again at the ground. Now you know the shape of the dress even though the line is incomplete. Keep taking this concept of the mind recognizing objects even though they are incomplete and you evolve into Cubism, Abstraction, and all sorts of styles causing people to go nuts because the art was changing radically and they wanted their old pillow and blankie back. This is certainly one of the most important / awesome pieces of art I have ever owned.